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Hatsune Miku hazy moon
Hatsune Miku freely tomorrow
Hatsune Miku heart la mode
Hatsune Miku blackrock shooter
Kagamine Rin tokyo teddy bear
Hatsune Miku the snow white princess
Hatsune Miku romeo and cinderrela
Kagamine Rin,Gumi reincarnation
Hatsune Miku from y to y
Hatsune Miku moon
Megurine Luka glasses
Hatsune Miku,Megurine Luka magnet
Hatsune Miku,Kagamine Rin,Megurine Luka,Gumi,IA pomp and circumstate
Kagamine Rin meltdown
Kagamine Rin kokoro
Hatsune Miku snow fairy story
Hatsune Miku before the snows melt
Hatsune Miku party junkie
Hatsune Miku dances to eazy dance
Kagamine Rin sigh
Gumi sorry for being closet otaku
Hatsune Miku deep sea girl
Hatsune Miku 16
Hatsune Miku,Kagamine Rin online game addict


6 November 2013

About This Website

Main features in this website:

  1. Find a new song - Find a new song based on song that you like.
  2. Blog - Share and Exchange stuff with other member
  3. Bookmark - Add user to your favorite list, if you like his/her music genre.

That is all.

5 November 2013

Website Launching

Welcome to Vocalova. This site was built to make every vocaloid fans easier to find their new (suitable) music. As you know many vocaloid songs out there, which make it hard to find.