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luka megurine double lariat
megurine luka just be friends
luka megurine depression of cybernetice
touhou bad apple
luka megurine look this way baby
hatsune miku and megurine luka magnet
bad apple brs
hatsune miku po pi po
teto ver two faced lovers
- butterfly on your right shoulder and jbf
luka megurine ievan polkka
hatsune miku world is mine
hatsune miku black rock shooter
luka megurine ai kotota
megpoid gumi oh its magic
luka megurine world is mine
hatsune miku poker face
kagamine rin call me mabye
luka megurine romeo and cinderella
luka megurine E.T


6 November 2013

About This Website

Main features in this website:

  1. Find a new song - Find a new song based on song that you like.
  2. Blog - Share and Exchange stuff with other member
  3. Bookmark - Add user to your favorite list, if you like his/her music genre.

That is all.

5 November 2013

Website Launching

Welcome to Vocalova. This site was built to make every vocaloid fans easier to find their new (suitable) music. As you know many vocaloid songs out there, which make it hard to find.