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Megurine Luka Dreamin Chuchu
Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len Electric Angel
IA Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len Childish War
Hatsune Miku Love is War
Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len TOKYO ZOMBIE LAND
Kagamine Len Undead Enemy
Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len World Domination How-To
Kagamine Len Outer Science
Kagamine Rin,Kagamine Len Maid Factor


6 November 2013

About This Website

Main features in this website:

  1. Find a new song - Find a new song based on song that you like.
  2. Blog - Share and Exchange stuff with other member
  3. Bookmark - Add user to your favorite list, if you like his/her music genre.

That is all.

5 November 2013

Website Launching

Welcome to Vocalova. This site was built to make every vocaloid fans easier to find their new (suitable) music. As you know many vocaloid songs out there, which make it hard to find.