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19 February 2018

Hatsune Miku Winamp Skin 40



The 40th (after stuck in 39th skin for a while) Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Winamp skin. I dont know original author. Leave comment if your create this skin. This Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Winamp skin, come in just black & white color, but has very good animation while playing your playlist.

download this skin here

vocaloid hatsune miku winamp skin

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11 February 2018

GUMI, Luka, & IA Android Theme



Android theme for GUMI, IA, and Megurine Luka. Original link to themes.c-launcher.com. And this is the mirror link.

gumi android theme gumi android theme

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10 January 2018

BRS Chrome Theme


BRS, Chrome, skin,


Black Rock Shooter chrome theme. [Found it 3 days ago (>.<)] Link here (mirror).


brs chrome

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