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4 July 2014

Miku Vs Bieber



Miku is better than Bieber? yeah. absolutely yes. Through the year, Miku is getting better and better with her voice. there is no reason for her to going down soon. For someone who didn't know Vocaloid, here is video with brief explanation who is Miku, and why she is better than Bieber.

video copyright from POLYGON.COM

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24 June 2014

Random Ulilith Skin


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Read the title ^0^/ this is a random Ulilith Face - Skin i used for a while. The simplicity from this skin make me pick this skin as my Favorite ヽ(•‿•)ノ no vocaloid, no anime, just simple album art display. Ulilith itself is a mediaplayer from japan developer. It support quite lot of features, but unfortunately, has bad user interface :( you can find the author from readme file inside this skin although its written in japanese (・_・;) anyway, this is the download link. happy downloading ;)

ulilith face

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1 March 2014

Top 5 application to enhance your sound




Tired being listening a good song over and over again? need some difference in your sound? this is the answer. I collect 5 application which enhance your system's audio.

1. SRS HD Audio Lab
This one is the most powerful audio effect I ever use. This application will create new sound driver in your system, which allow SRS to enhance every sound in your pc (games, movies, etc..). Unfortunately, this application also decrease your computer’s performance (you’ll notice it when you use your pc to play heavy games).

SRS Audio Lab


2. DFX Audio Enhancer
Almost Same as SRS, but in my opnion, this one is lower quality. The most useful thing in this application is this DFX Audio Enhancer doesn’t create a new driver, which make all games will run normally. (SRS have trouble with some games)

DFX Audio Enhancer

3. Breakaway Audio Enhancer
Quite good software, almost same as SRS as DFX, this application will enhance all audio in your PC (games, movies, music). But i think the price is set too high for this kind of performance.


4. Winamp Enhancer Plugin
4th best, this enhancer plugin can enchance you MP3 (only support MP3) to awesomeness. There’s lot of preset to use in option menu. My favorite preset is Live ambience, which make you feel in a live concert.


5. Volume Logic Winamp Plugin
This application is discontinued, the developer release it as new product called Breakaway Audio Enhancer. Lets call this one is a prototype of Breakaway Audio Enhancer.


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