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24 February 2014

God Eater Burst All item cheat PPSSPP


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This post is nothing to to with Vocaloid, just express of my happiness after successfully editing God Eater Burst item Laughing.

God Eater Burst

Desperate to get rare item in God Eater, i do as many thing to get it. While Save state doesn’t serve me well, my only option is my Favorite game cheater: ArtMoney. This ArtMoney can multiple any item in inventory/storage but it has a weakness: you must get minimal 1 item to get multiplied Frown. Simply put it this way: ArtMoney can’t multiple something that doesn’t exist in your inventory or storage. (I already try to override the Qty from 0 to 999 on RIGHT memory address, and it doesn’t work either). After that, I found a cheating mehod that much easier to get specified item Kiss.

Less than 10 Minutes, I can transfer an item in save state Slot 1 (I use downloaded 100% complete save game) into save state Slot 2 (My original game). PPSSPP has up to 5 Save State Kiss. I dont know original PSP has save state or not.


You Can Download/Read My Artmoney tutorial Here




All item God Eater Burst PPSSPPDownloaded 100% Complete Save Game > God Eater All Item Save Game
Original Game with 'transfered' item from first save state

It's quite fun since I already Battle ton of times and get nothing from I wanted. This cheat method will enable you to get all item in God Eater Burst, as long you can found your desired item in save state #1

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