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9 April 2014

OSU! Another Awesome Rhythm Game



Osu! Main Logo Vocaloid Rhythm


Today I found a good rhythm game, Called osu!. This game is just like Miku's Project Diva, you must click some 'icon' in the screen. This game is quite good since you can play it online, and compete with your friend. This game also has community which make a Vocaloid Osu!'s song pack. This game originally is for MS Windows, and ported to MacOS, Android and Iphone. You can download the game on the Osu's Official Page. If you need more information, you can read a Osu!'s wikipedia's article. Once you download the game, don't forget to download the beatmap ;)


Check out this gameplay. Its good. If you a fans of Rhythm Game, this game is worth to play.

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