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26 November 2013

Vocaloid Holy Harmony RPG


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Help Miku, Len, Luka, Rin and other 14 Vocaloids to save the World from the clutches of the Dark Lord and the Darkloids! For True gamer this RPG game is frustating (even disappointing) Frown, since the game has 'standard' plot story, and flat storyline. Every character personality is rather weak, and the avatar is not quite right Yell (well, this is fan-made RPG with very little funding anyway, so don't expect too much Laughing). For those who doesn't understand game too much, this game is worth to try. (I'm hardcore RPG gamer so I did't finish this game). Here's a gameplay video, directly from the creator

Vocaloid Holy Harmony PC Game


Anyway, this is download link for the game (freeware).

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