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29 November 2015

Miku Miku Wallpaper (Android)



Vocaloid Miku live Wallpaper for Android OS. This is a live wallpaper which meaning Miku will animate when your mobile phone is iddle, or when you touch the screen. The original download link at playstore is gone, so i decided to share this stuff with you :) The original APP name is MikuMikuWallpaper, the art by Kei Yuduki (http://piapro.jp/t/KO7r). Happy downloading ;)

download MikuMikuWalpaper

btw, i have no time for browsing vocaloid stuff for android based system, since my hand is already full with Cosplay and AIMP section. If you interested to contribute, please register an account.

Miku Miku Wallpaper Android Live

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