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10 December 2013

Miku Rasher



This is an old-styled game based on Hatsune Miku. Called Miku Rasher, this game is very fun, an yet, it's free Money mouth Actually, this game is very simple, so there's nothing to review Laughing. This game has 'old' styled music and sound effect, just like nintendo (NES). And the graphic, there's not much different. The graphic in this game totally resembled NES game. At first glance, you maybe doesn't believe that this game actually creeated at year 2007. It's like the developer just leave it that way Laughing.


vocaloid miku rasher pc game


The gameplay itself is just like Baloon Fight (NES), Player must eliminate all enemies to advance to next level. The control is really simple: just 2 button ada a directional pad. Pressing Z button will boost Miku so she can fly, while pressing X button will make miku shoot a 'leek' which trap the enemy away. When miku 'flying' use the direction pad to control her. To defeat the enemy, you must bump into them, meanwhile bump into un-trapped enemy means instant death Surprised. Well, this is pretty fun game, which bring back some old-days memories for 90's child (someone that play Mario, Super Contra, etc).

miku rasher pc game vocaloid miku rasher pc game vocaloid


If you want to download, just visit developer's homepage. It's like the develper create some other game too, dont forget to check it out Wink.

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