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6 January 2014

Hatsune Miku Fei-Yen on SRW UX



Fei-Yen, a mecha which resemble Hatsune Miku from Virtual On Series make an appearance on Super Robot Wars UX. This game is released fo Nintendo3DS at March 14, 2013 only for Japan. Fortunately in this game, she'll sing too Kiss. For you who doesn't understand japanese, theres some translation patch for other SRW game (go google it Laughing). I hope this one will released in US.

Hatsune Miku Game


SRW UX, just like other SRW games, it's a turnbased strategy games. each Mecha can be upgraded and customized. 'Mecha' in this game is taken from many mecha series (total 16 series, both movies and games).


Trailer for SRW UX 

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